General Questions

1- The first thing to clarify is that for any type of divorce you must hire a lawyer as the law requires it.

Divorce of Common Agreement:
Cessation of cohabitation for at least one year and Common Agreement between the Parties. If there are minor children involved, the parties must reach an agreement regarding alimony, visitation, personal care, economic compensation and liquidation of the conjugal society, among other matters.

Unilateral Divorce:
By cessation of cohabitation for three years and unilateral decision of one of the spouses to divorce.

Divorce by Guilt:
For serious causes based on the necessary means of proof such as drug addiction, commission of a crime or simple crime or infidelity.

1- The cessation of cohabitation begins to mark the period necessary to request the divorce by mutual agreement (by cessation of cohabitation for at least one year) or unilateral divorce (by cessation of cohabitation for at least three years). This period must be proven by the means provided by Article 22 of Law 19.947 on Civil Marriage.

Public deed, or extended and protocolized act before notary public:
A notary is present for the notary to certify the cessation of cohabitation.
Deed issued before the Registry:
Simply go to the Civil Registry to register the cessation of cohabitation, is the most common form.
Judicially Approved Transaction:
It refers mostly to the Agreements of Regime of Visits or Direct and Regular Relationship, Food Pension that are regulated and approved by the court, also gives certain date to the Cessation of Coexistence.

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In order to get a divorce, each spouse must hire a lawyer, and the requirements established for each type of divorce must be met.